What Is Propane?

Propane is one of the most common gases that are used by home owners. Chances are good that you have purchased and used propane gas before and simply didn’t know it and if you haven’t, you will certainly need to use propane sometime in your lifetime. Propane is actually a byproduct of refined natural gas or petroleum. Propane comes in its most natural form but if you order it, it will more than likely be delivered to you in a compressed liquid form.

Many people use propane for gas cooking. Although more and more people are turning to electric-powered ovens and stoves, a lot of people still use propane to run these appliances. Many homes are also heated by propane, which is probably the case if you have gas heaters although some gas heaters actually run off of kerosene. In fact, some vehicles even run off of propane instead of the more typical gas that most vehicles use although this is not incredibly common.

During the summer, you are apt to use propane even if you don’t have any gas-powered appliances. More info: propane west palm

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The Benefits Of Using Propane

Hank Hill is not the only one touting the benefits of using propane. Increasing numbers of Americans are turning to the gas as their primary source of energy. Propane is an environmentally friendly gas that is nontoxic and cannot spill or create a harmful residue. The gas is also versatile. It can be employed for a wide range of uses including home and pool heating, artificial fireplaces and cooking. Using propane also limits dependency on foreign sources of energy. Nearly 90% of all propane is made in the United States, resulting in low prices due to ease of transporting the gas domestically. More info: propane west palm

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