Consistent Color With Structural Web Molding

When it comes to molding, structural web molding is one of the best solutions available. One of the advantages that come from structural web molding is thinner walls. Parts that are made with this molding process are hollow, and they can be used easily for various structural components. Another great advantage that comes from structural web molding is a much smoother surface.

The surface finish that you can get from using the structural web molding process easily rivals the surface that is possible with high-pressure injection molding. Another reason why structural web molding has been used so much lately is because it offers consistent finish and color. If you are manufacturing parts using structural web molding, you will never have to deal with swirls in the paint or finish.

This is why structural web molding is such a desirable molding process for parts that need to look flawless. By using this special molding process, all of the advantages of molding with low pressure can be obtained. This is great for companies who produce a large volume of parts because it saves money and resources.

Molds created with aluminum are much cheaper than steel if structural web molding is being used. Parts that are created with this unique molding process can be created to the maximum size possible without a lot of clamp tonnage. These are just a few of the top reasons why structural web molding has become such a popular molding process for companies who create large quantities of parts.

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